Etsy vs Mompass - The Best Digital Product MarketplaceIn the world of online shopping, Etsy has been a favorite spot for people to find unique handmade items, cool art, and digital products like printables and templates. But now, there’s a new Digital Product Marketplace online, and it’s doing things a little differently. Mompass is a special place designed especially for parents who want to make some extra money (or a full time income) while still being there for their families. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Mompass stand out from Etsy and why it’s worth checking out.

  1. Etsy vs Mompass

    All About Digital Products:

    Mompass doesn’t deal with physical goods like Etsy does. Instead, it’s all about digital products, downloads, and services.  That means you can find things like e-books, guides, printables, coaching services, and even online courses. Also, unlike Etsy, Mompass Sellers have the ability to sell Subscription products.

  2. Freebies and Helpful Resources:

    Here’s a neat feature of Mompass: sellers can offer freebies and useful resources to attract customers and spread knowledge. These can be anything from handy guides to free checklists, downloads and more. It’s a smart way for sellers to get noticed and for shoppers to get some extra perks.

  3. Making a Difference with Charitable Contributions:

    What’s really cool about Mompass is that it gives back to organizations that help moms worldwide. Every time you buy something on Mompass, a portion of the sale goes to charities like Every Mother Counts. So, when you shop on Mompass, you’re not just supporting your own growth and buying something useful to yourself, you’re also helping others in need.

  4. Finding Family-Friendly Jobs:

    Mompass isn’t just about buying and selling stuff. It’s also a place where parents can find jobs that understand their needs. Whether it’s a remote position or a flexible schedule, Mompass helps parents find employment opportunities that fit their family life with Employers that keep the unique needs of parents in mind.

  5. Creating Passive Income:

    Mompass is all about helping parents earn money without sacrificing time with their families. We focus on creating passive income. Whether it’s through selling digital products or finding family-friendly jobs, Mompass wants to make sure parents can have both financial stability and quality time with their loved ones (and, time for themselves).

  6. Membership Options and Pricing:

    If you’re interested in selling on Mompass, you have options. Unlike Etsy, with it’s per listing fees, it is free to get started selling on Mompass. With our commission-based membership, once a sale is made, 7% of each product will go towards seller fees. But, depending on sales volume and product prices, it may be more economical to sign up for a paid membership. It’s $27 a month or $275 for the whole year, which saves you some money in the long run.

In summary, while Etsy has been a favorite for handmade goods, Mompass offers something special for parents looking to make money with passive income while still being there for their families. With its focus on digital products, freebies, charitable giving, family-friendly jobs, and helping moms find balance, Mompass is a breath of fresh air in the world of online commerce. So, if you’re a parent looking for ways to earn extra income without sacrificing family time, Mompass might just be the perfect fit for you. Made by moms, for moms!

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