"I'm Just a Mom"

That’s what I used to say when people asked me what I did for work. I was always quickly corrected with, “Oh, you’re not just a mom. You do other things, too.” But, the truth was that I was just a Mom in my mind. And, honestly, I was almost ashamed when I would say it, because there were so many women out their with incredible careers, making money, and forging a path for themselves outside of motherhood. I lacked self worth because I didn’t have a career or contribute financially or have a fancy title. I had poured myself into motherhood for years and it had consumed my entire identity. I felt like I no longer knew who I was. I didn’t have a purpose outside of being a mom, and I just felt lost as an individual – as a woman. Sure, there is SO MUCH about being ‘just a mom’ to be proud of, but its also ok if there’s a part of you that yearns for more. More purpose, more income, more dimensions to your life. I’ve been there.

I am Lindy, the driving force behind Mompass. During my ‘just a mom’ years, deep within me, I knew I had untapped potential to enrich not only my kids’s lives but also contribute more to my relationships, my community, and above all, my own journey and future.

Today, in 2023, I stand as a testament to transformation. After seven years as a dedicated stay-at-home mom, life took a turn. I was divorced with two young children to provide for, I found myself trying to reintegrate into the workforce after not growing my career for so many years. Let’s just say it was a challenge. A challenge full of confusing explanations and rejection. Interviews came and went, but most ended with the fact that I needed “more current experience”.

Frustration fueled my determination, and this is how Mompass was born. My mission: 

1. To support women like you and me – women who have poured their hearts into motherhood, but for whatever reason want to return to work, earn extra income, and forge a different life for themselves while still being the best mom possible to their kids.

2. To give back. I want Mompass to be a giving platform that contributes to helping mothers and women worldwide through charitable donations and volunteer work.

Maybe you’re a single mom, seeking to rebuild a career after sudden loss or divorce. Or maybe, you’re already a mom in business seeking to extend your brand’s reach. We’re here to stand beside you as you navigate the path toward realizing your untapped earning potential and discovering the balanced, fulfilling, beautiful life ahead. We aren’t just a platform; we’re a community, a mentor, and a launchpad for your aspirations. Together, we redefine the modern mom – empowered, accomplished, and unapologetically ambitious.

Welcome to Mompass, where we celebrate the essence of motherhood while empowering you to achieve everything you envision and more. Your journey to purpose, financial freedom, and self-realization starts here.